Exquisite, Unique Centerpiece Idea: Luméjere

Experience the brilliance and warmth of Luméjere, the stunning, ECO FIRE ON WATER tabletop décor featured in Michael Cerbelli's: Hot Event & Entertainment Ideas 2011™ and Stanford School of Business Cool Products Expo 2010.

Luméjere Transcends Candle Centerpieces: Safe, Green, and Soot and Odor Free

Luméjere is not a floating candle. This unique centerpiece idea consists of a patented floating wick that sits on a thin layer of pure, fractioned coconut oil (fuel), on top of water. Luméjere completely eliminates the dangers and harmful effects of traditional candles and synthetic fragrances. It creates no odor and no soot. It passes the open flame fire code and is extremely safe. Learn more about this unique centerpiece idea.

Be the Trend Setter…Totally Differentiate Your Event Planning Business and Your Clients

There are unlimited possibilities for creativity and corporate branding at a fraction of the cost of traditional centerpieces with this elegant, decorative, fire feature. For example: Brand it by printing a logo or picture on a transparency and submerging it in the water portion of the Luméjere. The floating flame will dramatically light up the image that appears to be floating in water, like magic. Create simple elegance by adding one unusual flower stem to this unique centerpiece, and the Luméjere transforms it into a Zen experience that will create a soothing, meditative effect.


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